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Headingley’s Re-Development Proposals

The Western Terrace, to be known in future as the West Stand, subject to naming rights along with other stands which are now available for negotiation, will provide accommodation for 7,500 spectators stretching from the Main Stand to the Wintershed with more comfortable seats giving ample leg room and better sight lines (ie 10 inch steps). Seats will be coloured blue or gold in order to provide a suitable sighting background for the players now that we play with white and red cricket balls. The track will disappear and seating will stretch down to pitch level where a new stewards and police access passage (half a metre deep) will provide an additional barrier for those miscreants who try to run on the pitch. Access to the pitch however will be maintained at the foot of each gangway in case of emergencies.

Access around the ground will in future be at the rear of the stands with toilets and concessions easily accessible from that circulatory area. New user friendly turnstiles will be installed at the various entrances. The grassed outfield will be extended by twenty feet in front of the West Stand in order to bring into play two more pitches for first class matches on that side of the square - there is a minimum boundary distance of 50 yards for such matches.

The Training Ground bordering the railway line will be resurfaced with tarmacadam and also provide a dedicated and enclosed area for twelve new grass nets which will enable players to practice during the course of a match, which is now a requirement of the ECB National Facilities Strategy. These nets will enable players to practice more regularly in pursuit of excellence with our younger development squads benefiting particularly from this new facility. The tarmacadam area will be used for temporary car parking on match days and as a community sports facility on other days with basketball, netball and other courts marked out.

The indoor facilities at the Cricket School were originally down for mere refurbishment. The funding from Sport England is conditional upon satisfaction of various criteria and the Cricket School will therefore take on a completely new look.

The East Stand (Bowling Green) development is probably the most exciting as far as Members are concerned. The track is eliminated with the provision of 2,000 seats leading up to a first floor long room which will include bar and catering facilities to be operated for the sole benefit of YCCC. A particular feature of this room will be two rows of inside seating to cater for those cold and windy days in early and late season. Underneath the terracing and long room there are facilities which will enable our development and community programmes to be expanded.

The main feature is three indoor cricket nets one each for fast, medium and spin/slow bowling. Two classrooms will form the hub of our "Cricket in the Classroom" project which has been successfully launched this season through sponsorship from Western Union. Children at key stages 2 and 3 are introduced to the game via English, Maths, Geography and History, all related to cricket. They are given a tour of the ground and then enjoy a Kwik Cricket session including simple eye/ball co-ordination skills with autograph sheets, photos of the players and other goodies also included. It is important for us to stimulate the interest in this age group as they will be our spectators and parents of the future, as well as our young players. New changing rooms are also featured which will enable the Club to stage more youth and schools matches including women’s cricket. Due to the limited use we have of the rugby dressing rooms this is a problem for us at present. Add to this the modern fitness facilities, including a multi gym and physiotherapy clinic and you will appreciate the importance of this development for the well being not only of our professional staff but also for the exciting crop of young cricketers who are coming through our various age group representative teams.

The net area will be converted for use as a corporate hospitality facility during Test Matches and other popular fixtures and this income stream will accrue entirely to YCCC apart from the catering element. At second and third floor level 36 twelve-seater executive boxes will be constructed for use at all cricket matches and the net income from this operation will be shared equally with LCFA. A lift at both ends of the building will service the various facilities.

The Northern Enclosure at the Kirkstall Lane end of the ground was not originally included in the re-development but additional funding from the Sports Grounds Initiative has enabled us to include it in the current plans. However, this section of the building programme may have to be deferred until after next year’s Test Match. A decision will be taken once discussions have been concluded with the successful contractor. This section of terracing is very popular with our Members and will be particularly welcome with its south facing view behind the bowler’s arm. A new groundsmen’s equipment store and mess room is planned for the area beneath the tri-vision screen and this will provide well overdue changing and showering facilities for the groundstaff who often work through inclement weather.

Source of funds Amount (£)
Grant: Sport England 2,900,000
Grant: Leeds City Council 1,500,000
Bank facility 3,800,000
YCCC contribution 1,000,000
Sports Grounds Initiative grant 250,000
LCFA half share of Executive Boxes 400,000

The Club is firstly indebted to Sport England for their enthusiastic support of the re-development. In March they announced an ‘in principle’ award to the Club subject to conditions which have been steadily addressed in the intervening period. This was to give the Club some measure of comfort to enable plans to move forward.

We are also very grateful to Leeds City Council who are most anxious to retain Test cricket in Leeds. They have given us significant financial backing in return for a commitment to cricket development throughout the City and its schools.

The Sports Grounds Initiative has also promised support in respect of the North Enclosure improvements. The Club intends to contribute a sum just short of £5 million comprising approximately £1 million directly from Club funds in the form of borrowing and/or realisation of investments with the balance being funded by a bank facility based on capitalisation of new income streams from Leeds City Council’s revenue grant and ECB Staging Fees. This very necessary and welcome new source of income has been negotiated by the Test Match Grounds Consortium with ECB over recent months and is to be ring fenced for ground improvements and development at each of the International venues.

The new 999 year lease and associated management and other agreements when signed will give the Club its desired control of cricket activities and an opportunity in the future to purchase any of the cricket income streams currently enjoyed by LCFA, namely advertising, catering, hospitality and parking.

The Construction Timetable

Winter 2000/2001
The West Stand
The Training Ground

Summer 2001
The Cricket School

Winter 2001/2002
The East Stand (Bowling Green)
The North Stand


YCCC Sub Committee: Keith Moss (Chairman), Chris Hassell (Chief Executive), Peter Townend (Treasurer), David Welch (Finance Chairman), Geoff Cope (Committee), Jim Caddick (Holbrow Brookes & Partners), Gordon Finch (William Gower & Partners), Ian Barraclough (St. James Securities).
Project Manager: Steve Gilley (Gleeds Management Services). Architects: DLA Ellerbe Becket. Quantity Surveyors: Gleeds. Consulting Engineers: White Young Green. Planning Supervisors: RP&P Management. Planning Consultants: TPC. Solicitors: DLA.


Overall Plan
North & West Stand
East Stand - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor
East Stand - Ground Floor

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